All our branches are open. New service. We will pick up, wash, dry your laundry and return it. The price for a medium washing machine is 400 CZK and for a large washing machine 500 CZK. Please call +420601506575. Thank you. vyperTADY.I want to order.

Instructions for operating the washing machine

You can wash and dry with our Primus machines – here's your easy guide

Check your pockets

Load the machine

Select a program

Add detergent

Insert your coins

Start the machine

Instructions for operating the dryer

You can also dry your laundry with our Primus machines. Here's how:

Load the dryer

The machines can manage a full load from any of our washing machines. Don't forget to close the door!

Insert your coins

The amount needed is shown on the dryer's display.

Set the temperature

Select the temperature according to your laundry type – if in doubt, refer to  your laundry's labels.

Start the dryer

At any time, you can open the dryer, check your laundry, or adjust the temperature.